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Family Tree


You will forgive the half completed nature of this page.  I am working on building the most complete family tree possible, but I want to make sure to have facts correct first.  Your patience is appreciated.

Signe Jeanette Sorensen Dayton Bryant (28 May 1897 - 23 May 1995)

Steward Ray Dayton (6 June 1920 - 24 July 1998)

Dorthy "Dottie" Pearl Seymour (13 Mar 1922 - 12 April 1996)

Phillip Wesley Dayton (8 July 1943 - 19 February 1989)
David Christopher Dayton
Michelle Subaga Dayton
Dorothy Egina Dayton

Constance "Connie" Rae Dayton

Mark Malczynski
August Leopold Autouri
Anastasia Marie Autouri

John Henry Dayton

Eunice "Judy" Joy Westerberg

Kerry John Dayton

Aaron James Dayton

Eric Allen Dayton

Taylor Marie

Melissa Joy Dayton

Richard Everett Dayton

Kimberly Dawn Dayton

Gina Louise Dayton

Clinton Scott Walker

Bradley Dean Dayton

Scherelle Marie Dayton

Dennis Ray Dayton

Doris "

Jonathan Ross Dayton


Christopher Ray Dayton

Cacey Marie Zimmer

Richard "Dick" Francis Dayton (12 October 1924 - 8 June 1984)

Betty Larue Eagle Dayton (19 September 1925 - 31 August 1993)

Thomas Ray Dayton

Marc Thomas Dayton

Sarah Marie Dayton

Gwendolyn Kay Dayton

Christopher Jon Blaise

Summer Nicole Blaise

Ronald Davis Dayton (16 Mar 1959 - 23 Mar 1959)

Geneva Irene Dayton (19 Jan 1926 - 10 Mar 1926)

William "Bill" Eugene Dayton (14 Jan 1929 - 12 Sep 1997)

Phyllis "PhoeBe" Lavaughn Belleisle Dayton

Craig William Dayton

Sandra Lorraine Dayton

Steven Ray Richwine

Lindsay Ray Richwine

Roy Douglas Dayton

Carolyn Gay Frost

Deanna Sue Dayton

Chirstopher Louis Ditto

Nicholas Ray Ditto

Cassandra Darlene Ditto

Darren Ray Dayton


Andrea Dayton
Amanda Dayton

Margaret "Peggy" Ruth Dayton Taylor

Paige Allison Taylor

Kenneth Leroy Schwartz

Samuel Francis Taylor V
Lois Maxine Dayton Toftemark
Svend Lynning Toftemark
Lisa Anette Toftemark
Lars Evald Toftemark
Elizabeth Ruddy Toftemark


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