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31 Aug, Fri 7:45 AM   Lars had another CT Scan this morning to try and figure out why he has a fever and how to control the muscle spasms.  

11:00 AM  Heard from MD Anderson in Houston, TX and they said the treatment Lars is receiving here is what they would do.  So we are on the right track.  

17:30 PM  Started Chemo treatment.  Still do not understand what is causing the fever and still working on the muscle spasms in diaphragm.  Radiologist viewed CT scan and said that it looks like the lesions in the liver are now filled with liquid rather than mucus as the last CT scan showed.  This is good.

Lars will stay in the hospital tonight.

30 Aug, Thu Lars was admitted back into the hospital because the new medication is helping but not relieving all the muscle spasms.  He is having a hard time sleeping due to the muscle spasms.  So Dr. Whitecar readmitted him so they could monitor the medication and give him something (Valium) to get a good nights rest.
29 Aug, Wed Lars is still having trouble with hiccupping (muscle spasms in the diaphragm) I called Dr. Whitecar twice last night and at 8 this morning, the medication is not working.  Dr. Whitecar prescribed another medication and this one seems to be doing the trick.  Lars takes it twice a day and it takes away most of the muscle spasms - he still had some occurrences but they were not as strong and a couple hours apart.  Hopefully this medication will do the trick.

Katherine heard Daddy in the bedroom this afternoon and went crawling down the hall to find him.  

27 Aug, Mon Lars is staying home from work today because his abdominal muscles still hurt from hiccupping for 36 hours.  Otherwise he said he feels better now then he has in the past month.  He is eating and has been able to keep food down.

His chemo schedule is the following: 

Every Friday for 4 weeks and then 2 weeks off then it starts over again.  At the end of each 6 week period he will have a CT scan to see if the tumors have stopped growing or are shrinking.  He will have blood work done at each chemo treatment.

26 Aug, Sun Lars stills has the hiccups.  He says it feels like he has been doing sit ups for the past 36 hours.  I gave Dr. Whitecar a call.  He forgot to tell us that the prescription for nausea was also good for the hiccups.  Since Lars was not nauseous he was not taking those pills.  He started taking that medication and the hiccups subsided.
25 Aug, Sat Lars got the hiccups in the morning.  Dr. Whitecar said that they were a side effect to one of the anti-nausea pills given to Lars before the chemo treatment.  Dr. Whitecar said that since Lars was not nauseous from the chemo he would cut out that anti-nausea pill on the next round.
24 Aug, Fri Lars gave Dr. Whitecar the go - ahead to start chemo.  At 11:00 AM Lars received his first dose of chemo.  (click to enlarge either photo)

Hospital - first round - Eric, Daddy, Katherine.jpg (64241 bytes)             Hospital_-_first_round_-_family_1.jpg (56382 bytes)

We spent the night in the hospital so Lars could be monitored for pain and possible side effects from the chemo.

23 Aug, Thu Met with Dr. Whitecar, oncologist.  He said the cancer in the liver are high grade tumors.  The treatment for colon cancer is a 3 drug regiment:  CPT 11, 5FU, and Leucovorin (Vitamin B that helps carry the 5FU to the cells).    

Thurs night Lars started to feel quite a bit of pain when breathing.  At 10:30 PM I called Dr. Whitecar and was instructed to take him to the emergency room for pain control and he would start chemo Friday.  Dr. Whitecar believes that the pain is coming from one of the tumors in the liver that is growing close to the surface and causing inflammation between the liver and another organs.  Lars and I spent the night in the hospital with Lars' parents watching Katherine and Eric at home. 

21 Aug, Tue Found polyp in the colon and removed.  

Here is what the polyp looked liked before it was removed:

(Click on either image to enlarge)

Colon_2.jpg (20298 bytes)

And, the colon after it had been removed:

Colon_3.jpg (31347 bytes)

P.M. Dr. Allan Williams called to let Lars know that they had biopsied the polyp and it was cancerous.  They believe this is the primary source of the cancer.  This makes the liver cancer a secondary cancer.

20 Aug, Mon Liver Biopsy Results - Adenocarcinoma.  Scheduled colonoscopy and upper GI for Tuesday morning
17 Aug, Fri 1030 PM  Elizabeth called her mother, Linda Ruddy, from the outpatient clinic and Linda got into her car and made the five hour drive to Columbus to help Elizabeth with the twins.  Unfortunately I was not much help because I was not allowed to lift anything over 10 pounds (which both kids far exceed!)
17 Aug, Fri Went to work as normal this morning and handled a half dozen or so legal assistance clients.  Then I came home for lunch.  In the middle of lunch I got a call from Dr. Williams' office.  The nurse told me to get down to the office as soon as possible, and bring my wife.

I called work and told them I had to go downtown.  First thing Major Morgan asked was what we were going to do with the twins.  We didn't know because none of our neighbors were home, so she told us to bring them to the office where they would be taken care of.

After we dropped off the twins we went to Dr. Williams' office.  He let us know that the CT scan had come back with tumors through out the liver.  It also showed a problem with the colon and a couple of spots on my lungs.  For the first time he used the "cancer" word.  He then scheduled me for a liver biopsy that afternoon.  We then went to the outpatient clinic where I was prepared for the biopsy.  Then Liz took me home to sleep off the sedative.  We find out the results on Monday.

16 Aug, Thu About 9 AM I went to the clinic and we had the CT scan done.  I knew there had to be some sort of problem because after scanning me for 10 minutes the tech comes in and asks if my doctor is "running any other tests" on me.  I told him yes, several and he went back about his work.  I stayed in the CT machine for about another 20 minutes.  The tech said the results would be sent to Dr. Williams and I should hear something on Friday.
15 Aug, Wed 1 PM  When I got back to work I decided that I did not want to wait until Friday.  I called the Baptist Memorial Hospital Outpatient clinic (where the CT would be done) and had the appointment moved up to Thursday Morning.
15 Aug, Wed 9 AM  After seeing a total of five different doctors I returned to the Gastroenterologist this morning.  Dr. Williams was still unable to come up with an answer.  I really insisted that we need to take the next step, whatever that was.  He made an appointment for me to have a CT scan on Friday, 17 Aug.
Early Aug Due to some unusual blood test results the doctor scheduled me for an ultra-sound of my liver.  The results were that the surface of my liver was uneven, which is abnormal.  But, he wanted to get a couple more tests results back and watch things for a few more days.
Early July  I started having evening fevers and night sweats.  Went to the doctor.  We did a battery of blood tests but were unable to track down the problem.



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