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31 Oct, Wed Sorry about the date problem.  I was not paying attention.  

Lars is doing much better - he is still pretty weak from the stomach virus (on top of chemo).   Tonight Lars, Lois, Svend and I got Eric and Katherine ready for Halloween.    

29 Oct, Mon Contacted Drs. office and told them about Lars' upset stomach.  They think it is due to the virus after we explained.  Lars is on clear liquids today.

PM  Lars is feeling much better and is back on milk shakes.  Lois is feeling better too.

28 Oct, Sun We attempted to go to church this morning and Lars started not feeling well half way through so we came home.  He felt really good about trying to go.  Lars threw up three times today and his stomach was upset all day.  Katherine and Eric had the same thing on Thursday/Friday morning and Lars said it did not feel like the chemo was causing his upset stomach.  Lois also came down with the same thing today (she spent the day in bed also).
26 Oct, Fri Sorry all Lars had a good friend (Ryan Collier - Eric and Katherine's godfather) in town until Saturday and we forgot to update the web page.

Lars had chemo on Friday it went smoothly until the last 15 minutes when he started to get cramps in his colon again.  The Dr. gave him medicine to control the cramps and they dissipated.  Lars also had a CT scan after receiving chemo - no change.  Next CT scan will be in three weeks.

19 Oct, Fri Had chemo today.
18 Oct, Thu Today is starting out better than Wednesday.  My stomach has settled down and so I am able to get up and around better.  I even have a couple of appointments to go to this afternoon. 

Now the next thing is getting ready for Friday's chemo treatment.

17 Oct, Wed Sorry for the lack of updates this week but there has not really been much to tell.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty good days, but Wednesday had been pretty bad, mainly due to nausea.  Spent most of the day resting and trying to get comfortable. 
14 Oct, Sun I feel much better today.  By noon I have already been out for two walks around the block.  It doesn't seem like much, but for me it is quite an accomplishment only two days after chemo.  Still a little tired, but I am going to grab a nap now, and that should help.
13 Oct, Sat Not a real good day.  Very tired, and I got sick to my stomach twice.  Dr. Whitecar put me on a different nausea medicine, which seems to be helping.
12 Oct, Fri  Went to the hospital for Chemo treatment today.  Treatment went much better than last weeks.  Made it home safe and sound.  I forgot to post a couple of pictures from last week.  So here is my getting my CT scan on 5 Oct.

Hosp - CT Scan.jpg (66746 bytes)

Then I always have to have my blood tests done.

Hosp - Blood Test 1.jpg (91725 bytes)  Hosp - Blood Test 2.jpg (100141 bytes)

And then it is off to get the actual chemo treatment.

Hosp - Chemo Treatment.jpg (103543 bytes)    Hosp - Chem Liz & Lars.jpg (127809 bytes)

10 Oct, Wed Dr. Whitecar released me from the hospital this morning.  He gave me some extra pain-killers and told me to get lots of rest before the chemo treatment on Friday.  So we shall see how the rest of the week goes.
8 Oct, Mon Lars is still in the hospital and has been moved from clear liquids to a whole liquid diet.  Last night was a good night although he is still requiring antibiotics, morphine and anti-nausea medication.  His pain in the colon and abdomen area is not as sever as yesterday.  
6 Oct, Sat Dr. Whitecar stopped by at 0900 and said that the radiologist is going to come in and look at yesterdays CT scans - side by side.  He is going to keep Lars at the hospital until he figures out why Lars is having the pains.
5 Oct, Fri 0800 we a CT Scan and then we went over to the Cancer Institute for Lars' first week of round two of chemo.

There was no improvement from Lars' last CT scan which means the tumors in his liver have not grown.  We had a good meeting with Dr. Whitecar and then into the chemo bay.  Half way through chemo Lars started to get stabbing pains in his colon area.  This was brought to the attention of the nurse, but Lars was allowed to come home.  On the drive home he started to have the stabbing pains again and threw up as we pulled into the driveway.  Afterwards he seemed to feel better - I contacted Dr. Whitecar anyway and he said if Lars felt nauseous or threw up again to call him.   Lars slept most the day and then around 7 PM he started to feel nauseous, threw up again, and started to have the stabbing pains again.  Contacted Dr. Whitecar and he told us to go to the emergency room.  Lars told Whitecar that he did not know if this is a normal for chemo and Whitecar said that you base normal off what your last chemo treatment was like and for Lars this is not normal.  

Lars was admitted to the hospital and they did another CT scan to make sure he does not have a perforated (? correct terminology) ulcer or irritated colon.  Plus they pulled blood for testing.   Lars was given morphine for the pain and anti-nausea drugs and admitted to the hospital.  The radiologist was faxed the CT scan and from his memory he thought they looked the same.

2 Oct, Tue Still feeling good overall.  Had to go in for my Medical Evaluation Board physical.  What this means is that the Air Force has decided to medically retire me.  This process can take several months, so I will probably still be on active duty until February or March, maybe April.
1 Oct, Mon Since it has been over two weeks since my last Chemo I am still feeling very good.  I was even able to put in almost a full days work today.  It feels good to be sort of back to normal, but now I can only imagine what this Friday's Chemo treatment is going to do to me.

I will keep you posted.

Elizabeth and I are going to take advantage of my good energy, and the close proximity of grandparents, and we are going out to dinner this evening.  Again, this something that we really have not done for several months.


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